Watermelon Bubble Tea Jelly

watermelon bubble tea jelly

Watermelon Bubble Tea Jelly with Blueberry Bursting Bubbles

Just when you thought we’d ran out of fabulous bubble tea recipe creations we’re taking it back to basics in the kitchen and revamping a childhood favourite into our new Bubble Tea Jelly! In our household, the creamy strawberry pink cousin to your everyday fruit jelly was known as ‘milky jelly’ and it was a particular treat made with sweet evaporated milk at my Gran’s house (frivolous, I know). Speaking to a few friends, milky jelly was always something they remember when thinking of childhood desserts. So after playing around with the recipe of this old classic, we’ve spruced it up into something totally original – bubble tea jelly!


watermelon bubble tea jelly


Adding our PopaBall juice bubbles is a great way to jazz up a regular batch of jelly, great for everyone as a refreshing summer dessert. The popping boba add little bursts of fruity juice with every mouthful, little treats for your taste buds. This recipe can be mixed up with different combinations of bubble tea powder and bursting juice bubbles but we have chosen refreshing Watermelon Bubble Tea and Blueberry Bursting Bubbles as our favourite two. You could even use multiple flavours and layer up a tutti frutti bubble tea jelly treat!

watermelon bubble tea jelly

You can layer up the jellies however you like, but if you’d like to get the cool visual effect we did, just prop the glasses at an angle in the gaps of a wire rack when you chill them in the fridge. Let the bottom layer set completely before carefully pouring the next layer of jelly on top. And don’t forget to pop in some blueberry bubbles!

watermelon bubble tea jelly


Watermelon Bubble Tea Jelly with Blueberry Bubbles


Jelly cubes
Watermelon Bubble Tea Powder
Blueberry Popaball Bursting Bubbles
Fresh Blueberries
Watermelon Slice



1. Quick and simple. First add half the jelly cubes to 1/4 boiling water and stir until fully dissolved. Also make your watermelon bubble tea as usual. Find out how to make bubble tea on our blog.

2. Leave the mixture to cool for 10mins or until room temperature (so the mixture doesn’t curdle) before adding your milky bubble tea a little at a time. Stir continuously to combine it evenly.

3. Pour the watermelon bubble tea jelly into an individual serving glass and pop in the fridge to set for 30 mins.

4. After 15 mins in the fridge, before the mixture is fully set, drop in a spoon of Blueberry Bursting Bubbles one at a time to suspend them throughout the bubble tea jelly.

5. Next make up the other half of your jelly according to the instructions on the packet but add watermelon juice instead of cold water or boba tea. When this is ready, pour it into your serving glass and pop back in the fridge to set. You can add blueberry juice bubbles to this too!

6. Once fully set after a few hours, garnish with fresh blueberries, a slice of watermelon and you’re good to go!

watermelon bubble tea jelly


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Love, The TeaShed Xx