Tomorrow’s Leaders: Jules Quinn & The TeaShed – Viking

The TeaShed have over 150 suppliers across the UK – including John Lewis – as well as multiple distributors across the world. Jules Quinn tells Viking how she has developed TeaShed and her secret to success.

What’s your company story in a nutshell?

I was an intern and was made to make lots of cups of tea for the office! I fell in love with tea, went back to university to devise a plan for taking over the world one teabag at a time and then launched straight into Fenwick Newcastle. The rest, as they say, is a history of lots of hard work with plenty of ups and downs!

What has been your proudest career moment, so far?

Travelling alone and doing business in Sri Lanka, China and Taiwan, particularly as a woman.

How do you plan your day?

To do lists, schedules and my diary until something comes along which changes it all!

Describe your workspace. Are you tidy, or do you work in organised chaos?

My desk is a little messier than I would like, mainly because people keep putting paper on it!

Tea or coffee?

Tea of course! Unless I am out and about and there is no TeaShed tea, then I will have to drink coffee.

Which stationery item could you not live without?

A calculator

Which workplace habit can you not stand?

People not washing up their mugs

What is the best thing that your business success has allowed you to do?

Enjoy my life every single day

What advice would you give to people starting their own business?

Delete your personal Facebook and only use it for business


What’s your secret to success?

Work hard, appreciate what you have, appreciate others and stay positive