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A Moroccan Tea Ceremony, The *TeaShed Way.




In Morocco there’s a saying that ‘a man who rushes is already dead.’ In a culture where time is never an issue, it isn’t surprising that tea drinking is both a spiritual experience and an art form. Moroccan’s drink tea throughout the day, from closing business deals to welcoming guests (slurping is always encouraged!) and the preparation is as important as the tea itself.

While Moroccan tea is awesome, time is not something most of us have much of… luckily tea is! The Tea-Shed’s own Moroccan Tea recipe is super scrummy and really easy to make. So sit back, listen to some Moroccan music and learn how to make Moroccan tea the Tea-Shed way.


How They Do It:




The Ingredients:

Green Gunpowder Tea – this bitter green tea is grown in China and rolled into pellets which look like little bullets

LOADS of spearmint (has to be fresh)

Sugar cubes

Hot water

Other fresh herbs are sometimes added for their health benefits. Lemon verbena wards off colds (and smells divine) while Wormwood (the plant absinthe comes from) eases tummy ache.


The Kit:

Two trays (ideally silver)

Teapot with a curved spout to control the tea, which is poured from at least 12 inches above the glass

Tea glasses (as glitzy as possible)

Incense to add to the sense of occasion and intensify the relaxing quality of the tea

The head of the house washes the tea in boiling water, which is then poured away. More hot water is added to the pot and the tea is left to seep, creating an intense flavour. The mint and sugar (up to 15 lumps) are added and left to brew for 1 minute.  The tea is then poured between the pot and a large glass a couple of times to give it a good mix. And then for the exciting part: the theatrical tea pouring from as high as possible, above a tiny glass. Not only does this look wicked, it also aerates the tea and creates a thin layer of frothy bubbles which is the sign of a decent Moroccan cuppa – if it ain’t bubbly they’re not interested.

Guests traditionally drink three cups of tea, each with a unique flavour due to the amount of time it’s been brewing. Moroccans love their tea so much they see it as a metaphor for life. According to a traditional proverb:


The first glass is as gentle as life,
the second glass is as strong as love,
the third glass is as bitter as death.


How We Do It:




The Ingredients:

1x Skinny Tea

1x Proper Mint

Sugar cubes

Fresh mint


The Kit:

If you happen to have a silver tray lying around, ideal!

A cool Moroccan style teapot

Heat-proof glasses

Finally, add to your Moroccan vibe with some incense and YouTube.

Simply pop the teabags into the teapot, add just off the boil water . Add the fresh mint and sugar to the pot and allow to brew for a good few minutes and then pour into your glasses (note: slurping is still compulsory).

Traditional style or TeaShed style, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous tea ceremony. Give it a go, and let us know how you get on.


Love Imogen Xx