TeaShed & Dorothy Perkins

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The TeaShed has teamed up with Dorothy Perkins to collaborate on their Women In Work campaign. As a female lead company we believe strongly in promoting women in business and equal opportunities. From power dressing style tips to inspirational interview advice, Dorothy Perkins has got your work life covered. In order to work effetively and excel in your field you need to keep both your mind and body in tip top condition, so The TeaShed have contributed with 5 healthy snacks we think are perfect for the busy working woman. These delicious recipes are quick, easy and ready to take on the go with you. We have focused on including wholefoods, limiting refined sugar and making sure they help to sustain your energy levels throughout the day. We have included some of our tasty tea blends in these recipes for extra flavour and in the case of or Skinny *Tea, a boost of health benefits too!




You can find our feature here on the Dorothy Perkins blog and try them for yourself. Be sure to take pictures of your healthy TeaShed snacks and tag us in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Head over to the Dorothy Perkins blog or work wear hub to read their latest features and get your fix of stylespiration!


Emily xx