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superfood treats

Superfood Treats


I suppose sometimes we have to take a little break from decadent candy floss bubble teas and doughnuts but that doesn’t mean that your afternoon tea time treats have to be boring. No no no! Healthy superfood treats can be just as yummy and much more nourishing for you. Something quick and easy to whizz up are fruit and nut energy balls like our Coconut Bites, which can save you from the struggle of the 3 o’clock crash. We’ve made a few tweaks to this recipe to help satisfy our chocolate cravings, keep energy levels up AND create a quick, healthy snack all in one go!


Nutritious Coconut Cacao Snowballs are full of fibre, protein and heart healthy fats making them perfect for when you’re feeling tired and sluggish. As they are made of healthy wholefoods and not refined sugars and simple carbohydrates your blood sugar levels will stay balanced so you feel energised throughout the day. All the help you need to reclaim your focus!

We used organic cacao powder for a delicious chocolate flavour without the sugar content of regular cocoa powder. Guilt free chocolate superfood treats.


superfood treats



180g medjool dates
80g almonds
80g hazelnuts
80g coconut flakes
2tbsp chia seeds
1tbsp coconut oil
1tbsp raw cacao power


How to make Coconut Cacao Snowballs:

Add everything to a food processor and whizz, whizz, whizz! The mixture should be sticky and start to form a ball, if not add a few more dates. Take a small bit of the mixture roll it between your palms into a ball. Fill a shallow bowl with dessicated coconut and roll the snowballs to coat the surface in a lovely crunch layer. Keep these snowballs in the fridge or in an airtight container in your desk for a handy boost whenever you need.



superfood treats


If this recipe has caught your eye but the making and baking life isn’t for you, the delightful foodies at Sweet Virtues will surely help you out. Their Superfood Chocolate Truffles come in 3 exotic flavours, Maqui Berry, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla. Not only are they deliciously chocolatey but they also do you good! These 3 flavours are specifically selected to work with the Sweet Virtues ‘triangle of health’. Maqui to detox, chia seeds & lime to energise and baobab & vanilla to promote balance. And not just the type of balance which involves a cup of tea in each hand!

Or treat yourself to a jar of healthy Chocolate Nut Butter complete with omegas, magnesium and ginseng. A lot more guilt free than a spread of Nutella!


Some Skinny Tea green tea is the perfect superfood drink to accompany any of the Sweet Virtues truffle ballotins but we also like to treat ourself to a cup of Redbush & Vanilla with the Baobab & Vanilla chocolate truffles – dream team!

Love The TeaShed Xx