Super Hero Tea


So we all know that tea is wonderful. It’s one of the iconic features of being British, as synonymous with our culture as the queen, or Eastenders. It’s applicable to just about any situation or scenario. Feeling ill? Have a cup of tea. Want a catch up? Lets have a brew. Having a bad day? I’ll make a cuppa and we’ll talk about it. Like a hug from your mum or putting on your most comfortable sweatpants, tea just gives an instant sense of comfort. But what if there was more to tea than just warmth and comfort? What if it was one of those rare occurrences when something that we love to eat or drink actually loves our bodies back? Well read on, as I have got some good news for you my friend.


Green tea has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, for ailments from headaches to depression. But does it actually do any good? Recent findings from  the UK’s Institute of Food Research state that chemicals found in green tea can help protect the body from problems such as cancer and heart disease. Polyphenols found in green tea and apples restrict a protein called VEGF. This protein can stimulate a process allowing arteries to become clogged by fatty substances, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore these pesky VEGF proteins cause blood vessels to form in a way that plays a key part in the advance of cancer. Green tea has also been linked to boosting your metabolism, lowering blood pressure, increasing brain activity in the working memory area and producing more stable blood sugar levels in people with diabetics.


Chamomile is a herbal tea often associated with its calming benefits. A recent Greek study found that it’s benefits may greatly exceed a good nights sleep. In a small study researchers found that those that consumed chamomile tea regularly over a long period of time were less likely to develop thyroid malignancies or benign growths. These findings did credit the benefits of a Mediterranean diet (consuming a lot of lean fish, healthy fats and fresh vegetables) in addition to drinking chamomile tea, but there was some further research into how the tea does help and if effectiveness increases over longer periods of time. Researchers found that development of thyroid malignancies did drop as the consumption of tea increased. It was found that drinking chamomile tea 2-6 times a week could lower the chances of thyroid abnormalities by 70%.


Mint tea is not only a delicious refreshing drink but is essentially its own medicine cabinet of solutions. It can relieve stress, reduce bad breath and help boost your immune system. However the area which it has the most benefits is the stomach. Whether it be nausea or irritable bowel syndrome, mint tea has been proven to give some level of relief from symptoms. The antispasmodic qualities of mint can help relieve the feeling of nausea and can prove beneficial for those that suffer motion sickness when travelling on boats or in cars. So next time you’re feeling a little ill, reach for a healthy cup of mint tea rather than something from the medicine cabinet and benefit from this super tea!



So there you have it. As well as giving us a kick in morning or a soothing bed time treat, tea really can also help improve your health. However, do remember that there’s no such thing as a miracle cure. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing, but if you can give your health even more benefits through a nice cuppa then why not? Try our skinny tea, chamomile or proper mint tea for a super healthy brew!
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