Pink Skinny Tea Smoothie

skinny tea smoothie

Skinny Tea Smoothie

Skinny Tea Smoothie
I have an on and off relationship with my Nutribullet. Some weeks we spend a lot of time (and money!) together but then there are periods where it’s left unloved, sitting on my kitchen bench as a symbol of a love lost…


Currently, we are back together and things are going great! One of my favourite Nutribullet V TeaShed recipes uses fruit, spinach and green tea! I make up the green tea using at least 2 teabags in a big jug and leave it over night in the fridge so that its nice and cold ready for inclusion in a smoothie in the morning.


For this Skinny Tea smoothie, I’ve used the following ingredients but chuck together whatever you fancy!




To make your own Skinny Tea Smoothie:


1 Kiwi

Handful of Raspberries

1 Banana

Handful of Spinach

Splash of Coconut milk

1/2 cup Iced Skinny Tea

2 tbsp Coconut Yoghurt



Put everything into your Nutribullet and whizz it up. That’s all. Simples!


This recipe is the perfect accompaniment to breakfast on the go or even for mornings you need to have breakfast at the office. Just pour the smoothie into a bottle or flask and you’re good to go! The addition of TeaShed Skinny Tea brings lots of marvellous health benefits including giving your brain a helping hand with concentration so drink up in the mornings!

You can read about our healthy green tea in quite a few of our blogs posts (we’re big fans) and also find a selection of recipes – drinks and baking!


If you love your green tea but are looking for something a little different, why not try our new Minty Tea? It’s a yummy blend of Mint, Jasmine and Green Tea meaning you have all the health benefits of the teas as well as a beautiful floral fragrance in your cup! Maybe even try it in your smoothie?


If you try out this recipe or create your own spectacular smoothie, share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!