Proper Mint Iced Tea & Strawberry Bubbles



The TeaShed & PopaBall have teamed up for a lovely Proper Mint *Tea and Strawberry Bursting Bubbles collaboration. Taking a break from the warm, cosy cups of tea we are familiar with at the TeaShed and bringing in some iced tea love with this delicious recipe. Refreshing mint iced tea with strawberry PopaBalls and bubble ice cubes is a lovely accompaniment to lunch or your morning tea break. It’s light, refreshing and full of the health benefits that our Proper Mint Tea brings. Mint tea can be enjoyed hot or iced and is often used as a natural remedy for various ailments and conditions; you can read all about how good mint tea is for you on our previous health blog post.




Our tasty blend of spearmint and peppermint gives this tea a wonderful aroma and means it pairs well with the sweetness of the strawberry bursting bubbles. Adding a few bubbles to ice cubes before freezing adds an extra twist to this mint iced tea and means the strawberry juice balls can be distributed throughout the drink.

Like with all our tea shakes, it’s a great time saver to keep a jug of chilled tea in your fridge to add to your drink whenever you need. Whether it’s green tea, mint tea or liquorice as they all taste lovely in smoothies!



Ingredients for 1 serving:

1 Proper Mint teabag
Fresh mint leaves
Strawberry Bursting Bubbles
Ice cubes



1. Freeze a tray of ice cubes overnight, adding some Strawberry Bursting Bubbles to some of the moulds first.

2. Brew a mug of Proper Mint Tea for about 10 minutes and then put it in the fridge to cool down.

3. Add some ice cubes and 2tsp fresh strawberry bubbles to a glass, then fill it up with the cool mint tea. Enjoy your Proper Mint Iced Tea using a chunky straw!