Vintage Tea Set Gift Bag


Vintage Tea Set Gift Bag

Surprise your tea loving nearest and dearest with a lovely TeaShed Vintage Tea Set Gift Bag complete with decorative ribbon and gift tag for a personal touch. What better combination to tea and biscuits than a lovely tea cup, saucer and plate to enjoy them, hello afternoon tea!

Choose from all our tea blends and 8 different vintage tea set designs then select your favourite from the drop down lists to tailor this gift for you or a friend. Scroll down to find descriptions of all the available teas and tea set designs.

Vintage Tea Set Gift Bag contains:

1 x Vintage Tea Set with tea cup, saucer and plate

1 x pod of TeaShed Tea, 20 teabags

1 x pack of biscuits

Please Note: Colour of bow may differ from what is shown in the picture

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Vintage Tea Set Gift Bag

This Vintage Tea Set Gift Bag is the perfect gift for tea lovers and is easy to tailor and personalise to treat your nearest and dearest.

For your tea set, choose from:
Royal Kent Vintage *Tea Set with a Purple Floral Design
Royal Victoria Vintage *Tea Set with a Pink Rose Design
Majestic Royal Grafton Vintage *Tea Set with a Tribal Gold and Maroon Design
Colclough Clan Vintage *Tea Set with a Blue Leaf Design
Delphine Vintage *Tea Set with a Green Floral Design

Select from our wide range of classic and herbal blends to tailor this Vintage Tea Set Gift Bag. Choose from:

All Day Breakfast – Our English Breakfast tea which has a smooth, mild taste ideal for all-day drinking. It contains caffeine for a little breakfast boost and is great with a splash of milk.

Northern Brew – Our Ceylon, a type of black tea which is particularly suited to the hard water generally found up north. We love it for its smooth, rich full-bodied flavour. Northern Brew Tea is caffeinated for a little boost and this cuppa can be enjoyed with a splash of milk.

Mr Grey’s – Our award winning, aromatic Earl Grey is a favourite with The *TeaShed team. It is a smooth black tea with the delicate addition of bergamot orange, which gives Earl Grey its distinctive flavour. Mr Grey’s Teabags contain caffeine for a little boost and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Our TeaShed Chai tea. Chai is a black tea with the addition of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg. Baby, It’s Cold Outside Teabags have a lightly spiced aroma, which will warm you up and defrost your hands on even the coldest of days!

Redbush & Vanilla – Our blend of beautiful South African Rooibos tea with vanilla and aromatic petals to give you a full rounded flavour with a hint of guilt free sweetness. It’s naturally caffeine free so is an ideal evening drink and with its natural sweetness, it won’t have you reaching to the biscuit jar!

Skinny Tea – Our bright, refreshing green tea with no bitter aftertaste. Green tea is renowned for helping boost the metabolism and naturally contains caffeine and L-theanine for a clean energy boost. For the best experience, brew for 4-6 minutes but don’t add milk!


Proper Mint – Our refreshing blend of spearmint and peppermint which can be enjoyed hot or iced. It’s naturally caffeine free so great to drink on an evening and is best served without milk.




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