Rose Bubble Tea Powder – 3 Servings


Rose Bubble Tea Powder

Make bubble tea at home with our Rose Bubble Tea Powder!

Makes 3 milk bubble tea drinks and includes 3 TeaShed teabags.

rose bubble tea powder


As an alternative to tapioca pearls, try our Lychee Bursting Juice Bubbles!


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Rose Bubble Tea Powder

For all you bubble tea lovers, when you can’t get yourself to your nearest bubble tea cafe you can now make your own bubble tea at home with our rose bubble tea powder!

Instructions included. Alternatively check our blog on how to make bubble tea with our bubble tea kits!  We also have bubble tea recipes for you to try out using your Rose Bubble Tea Powder such as our Rose & Lychee Bubble Tea Sorbet on The TeaShed blog, or follow the recipe in Instructions tab for you to try out rose bubble tea at home!


Learning how to make rose and lychee bubble tea using a TeaShed bubble tea kit couldn’t be easier! After you’ve chosen your flavours and ordered

Rose and lychee are two delicate, exotic flavours and we love them as both bubble tea and bubble desserts! Our Rose and Lychee Bubble Tea Sorbet is a great way to use some of your bubble tea supplies as our bubble tea kits are available with 3, 6 or 9 servings. Using one serving of our rose bubble tea powder provides a lovely balance of flavours meaning you don’t end up with a Bake Off-esque result which more resembles an air freshener than a dessert!

We’ve brewed some Skinny Tea as the base for our rose bubble tea but if you want a more delicately luxurious drink our Minty Jasmine Green Tea is just what you need! Treat yourself to our value pack of 100 Minty Jasmine Green Tea bags for your next bubble tea making session – there’ll be plenty left to enjoy as refreshing cuppas.


Explore our bursting bubbles and bubble tea powders and get some recipe ideas and inspiration from our blog as well as the PopaBall recipe page. It has never been easier (or tastier!) to make your own bubble tea from the comfort of your own home!




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Rose Ingredients: Glucose, Artificial Flavour, Extract of Rose, Colour: E129 (Allura Red AC)

Allergens highlighted in bold.

Attention: E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.




1 Bubble Tea Kit (with Lychee Boba, Rose Bubble Tea Powder and Skinny Tea)
Ice Cubes

How To Make Rose and Lychee Bubble Tea:

1. Using the supplies from your bubble tea kit, infuse 1 Skinny Tea teabag in a measuring jug with 150ml of water. Using water that is about 80 degrees C is best as boiling water will make green tea develop a bitter taste which we certainly don’t want! Let this steep for at 3 minutes minimum.

2. Add the tea into a bubble tea shaker. Spoon in a third of the rose bubble tea powder from the pack and stir.

3. Next measure 50ml of milk, 100ml of cold water and add to the tea mixture along with a couple of ice cubes.

4. Secure the lid of the bubble tea shaker and shake, shake shake!

5. Add a third of a tub of PopaBall lychee boba bubbles into a bubble tea plastic cup, fix on the dome lid and enjoy using a bubble tea chunky straw!

If you try out this recipe or make your own bubble tea creation, share a picture with us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram!