Coconut Bubble Tea Powder – 3 Servings


Coconut Bubble Tea Powder

Make bubble tea at home with our Coconut Bubble Tea Powder!

Makes 3 milk bubble tea drinks and includes 3 TeaShed teabags.




As an alternative to tapioca pearls, try our Mango Bursting Juice Bubbles!


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Coconut Bubble Tea Powder

For all you bubble tea lovers, when you can’t get yourself to your nearest bubble tea cafe you can now make your own bubble tea at home with our Coconut Bubble Tea Powder!

Instructions included. Alternatively check our blog on how to make bubble tea with our bubble tea kits!  We also have bubble tea recipes for you to try using your Coconut Bubble Tea Powder. Find the coconut bubble tea recipe in the Instructions tab.

As most of us Brits are aware, summer often spends most of the year ‘arriving’ and not actually that much time sticking around. This means it’s down to us to create some positive summer vibes from the comfort of our homes and what better way to do this than mixing up some tropical bubble tea flavours! Our website is basically UK bubble tea heaven. With all the bubble tea ingredients, supplies and recipes you could want is the perfect place to stock up on all your bubble tea goodies. When you try out one of our bubble tea kits you can choose absolutely any combination of bubble tea powder and boba bubbles to go together, not just the pairs we suggest. This means you can tailor your bubble tea kit to your personal preference or to suit a bubble tea loving friend.

For this milky tea recipe you will need to select coconut bubble tea powder and mango boba bubbles in your bubble tea kit. We include 3 whole leaf TeaShed tea bags with your bubble tea kit, selecting the blend we think best suits the flavour of bubble tea powder you have chosen. Our favourite choices are Skinny Tea green tea and Pick Me Up At 3 assam tea!


Find out how to make coconut and mango bubble tea at home in the Instructions tab. If you’re taken with this tropical coconut and mango combination you could try out PopaBall’s recipe for a cheeky Pina Colada and Mango Boba Poptail.

Explore our bursting bubbles and bubble tea powders and get some recipe ideas and inspiration from our blog as well as the PopaBall recipe page.


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Coconut Ingredients: Fine Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer (Tapioca Syrup, Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Caseinate, E340 (Dipotassium Phosphate), Emulsifier, E554 (Sodium Aluminosilicate)), Coconut Cream Powder, Lactose, Natural Flavour (Coconut), Stabiliser: E466 (Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose)

Allergens highlighted in bold.




1 Bubble Tea Kit (with Mango Boba, Coconut Bubble Tea Powder and TeaShed Tea)
Ice Cubes

How To Make Coconut and Mango Bubble Tea:

1. Start with the ingredients from your coconut and mango bubble tea kit and steep 1 TeaShed teabag in a measuring jug with 150ml of hot water.

2. Pour the brewed tea into a bubble tea shaker then add a third of the coconut bubble tea powder from the pack and stir to combine.

3. Then you need to measure out 50ml of milk, 100ml of cold water to add to the tea mixture, along with a couple of ice cubes to bring the temperature down.

4. Put on the lid of the bubble tea shaker and shake it up baby!

5. Spoon in a third of a tub of PopaBall mango boba bubbles into a bubble tea plastic cup, secure the dome lid and enjoy you bubble tea using a colourful chunky straw!

If you try out this recipe or make your own bubble tea creation, share a picture with us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram!