Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set with 6 Servings


Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set – 6 Servings


Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set includes:

2 x Packs of PopaBall Bursting Juice Bubbles

2 x Packs of Bubble Tea Powder with 3 TeaShed tea bags

2 x Bubble tea plastic cups with a dome lid

4 x Extra chunky straws

All with a brown bag, ribbon and tag for you to lovingly wrap and personalise!

Please Note: Colour of bow may differ from what is shown in the picture

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Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set with 6 servings

Now you can make bubble tea at home with your family with this Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set with 6 servings!

The Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set is a lovely gift for your bubble tea loving friends! They can make their own bubble tea at home with friends and family using this fabulous kit, containing enough bubble tea powder and bubble tea boba to make 6 servings. Plus, there will be some boba bubbles left over to add to your favourite cordials, cocktails and favourite cold drinks!

Please note, we also do not send the gift bags pre packed as the products get crushed, so we wrap everything nicely and include the bag, bow and tag so you can assemble the gift bags at home, crush free!

Instructions included. Alternatively check our blog on how to make bubble tea with our regular bubble tea kits!  We also have bubble tea recipes for you to try out such as our Matcha Bubble Tea Fudge and Mango Bubble Tea Cake!

To make this gift extra special, add in a fun Penguin Balloon Card to your order.

You can also get just our bursting bubbles in this 6 PopaBall Selection Pack if you want to experiment with our bubble tea recipes or using boba in other cold drinks.


Bubble Tea Kit Gift Set

Treat your bubble tea lovers to a Bubble Tea Kit Gift Bag containing enough bubble tea supplies for 3, 6 or 9 servings of yummy bubble tea! Choose your favourite flavours of PopaBall boba bubbles and bubble tea powder to go in your bubble tea kit so you can make your own combination of bubble tea at home. The TeaShed website has a range of 9 PopaBall Bursting Bubble flavours for you to choose from. One of our favourite pairs is raspberry bubble tea powder with peach bursting bubbles, you can watch a video of how to make peach and raspberry bubble tea on our YouTube channel!

If you’re treating yourself to a bubble tea kit or want to test a new flavour, opt for the Bubble Tea Kit Gift Bag with 3 servings so you can enjoy them all! It’s also a fab idea to introduce your friends to bubble tea and a Bubble Tea Kit Gift Bag with 6 servings or 9 servings would do the trick – hello bubble tea parties! The larger bubble tea kit sets are fabulous for trying new flavours or mixing and matching bubble tea powders with different boba bubbles.


Explore our bursting bubbles and bubble tea powders and get some recipe ideas and inspiration from our blog as well as the PopaBall recipe page.

If you try out this recipe or make your own bubble tea creation, share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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For ingredients see individual bubble flavours.