6 PopaBall Bubble Gift Bag


6 PopaBall Gift Bag

Gift bag includes:

6 x packs of PopaBall bursting juice bubbles

Comes with a brown gift bag, ribbon and tag for you to lovingly wrap and personalise at home!

Please Note: Colour of bow may differ from what is shown in the picture

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6 PopaBall Bubble Gift Bag

The 6 PopaBall Bubble Gift Bag is a great gift for bubble tea lovers!

Make your very own bubble tea at home with boba from our 6 PopaBall Bubble Gift Bag and some of our bubble tea powder. This 6 PopaBall Bubble Gift Bag is great for someone who fancies trying lots of our flavours of bubble tea boba. You can add bursting bubbles to any cold drinks such as juices, milkshakes and prosecco – not just bubble tea! Read our ideas below.

Please note, we also do not send the gift bags pre packed as the products get crushed, so we wrap everything nicely and include the bag, bow and tag so you can assemble the gift bags at home, crush free!

Check our blog on how to make bubble tea with our bubble tea kits!  We also have exciting new bubble tea recipes for you to try out such as our Raspberry Bubble Tea Ice Cream Float and Bubble Tea Meringues!

If you’d like some other gift ideas, check out our Tea Gifts pages for gems including this TeaShed Mug Gift Bag.

You could also add in this I Love You Card to your order to make the gift extra special!


Add Strawberry Boba for Bubble Tea to Proper Mint Iced Tea. Proper Mint Tea is yummy hot or iced and is complemented well by the bursts of flavour from strawberry boba bubbles. A quick and easy summer time tea drink.

Add Passion Fruit Boba for Bubble Tea to Tropical Detox Juice. Packed with antioxidants, clean energy and metabolism boosting nutrients this delicious juice is a great way to use your Passion Fruit Bursting Bubbles.

Add Blueberry Boba for Bubble Tea to Vanilla Ice Cream. Bursting Bubbles are not only great in drinks but in desserts too! THe rich, sweet flavour of blueberry bubbles goes brilliantly with vanilla ice cream for a speedy dessert.

Add Cherry Boba for Bubble Tea to a Bubble Berry Smoothie. 2 of your 5 a day packed into a tasty berry filled smoothie and topped with Cherry Bubbles. Add iced green tea for a great healthy snack or breakfast on the go.

Add Peach Boba for Bubble Tea to Raspberry Bubble Tea. Bubble tea is delicious and quick to make, especially with one of our handy bubble tea kits with bubble tea powder and PopaBall boba. This raspberry bubble tea is the perfect partner to juicy peach bubbles.

Add Green Apple Boba for Bubble Tea to Beetroot & Apple Energy Juice. Bursting with nutritious goodness, notably nitrates, this healthy juice will give you a clean energy boost, similar to that from green tea and with a hint of apple and ginger it certainly doesn’t skip the flavour.

Add Lychee Boba for Bubble Tea to Pineapple & Lychee Smoothie.  Perfect for a quick hydration boost or with breakfast on the go this Pineapple Smoothie with Lychee Boba is a delicious treat for the tastebuds!

Add Kiwi Boba for Bubble Tea to Tropical Coconut Water. A refreshing drink recipe revamped with Kiwi Bubbles that will definitely get you in the mood for summer!

Add Mango Boba for Bubble Tea to a Mango Frappe. A healthy spin on a sweet, creamy frappe with the addition of mango boba bubbles for bursts of fruity flavour.


Pretty straight forward, right? Now you have no excuse but to have some bubble tea every day! Explore our bursting bubbles and bubble tea powders and get some recipe ideas and inspiration from our blog as well as the PopaBall recipe page.


If you try out this recipe or make your own bubble tea creation, share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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