10 Bubble Tea Plastic Cups


10 Bubble Tea Plastic Cups

– Pack of 10 Bubble Tea Plastic Cups
– Perfect for using with Bubble Tea Kits at home
– Each comes with plastic dome lid

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10 Bubble Tea Plastic Cups

Now you can enjoy bubble tea at home in our Bubble Tea Plastic Cups!

10 Bubble Tea Plastic Cups perfect for use with your at home bubble tea kits with friends. Each plastic cup has a plastic dome lid with a hole to fit a chunky bubble tea straw through and a fun TeaShed logo.

Check our blog on how to make bubble tea with our bubble tea powders and fruity boba. You can also include a pack of 4 Bubble Tea Plastic Cups in a Bubble Tea Kit. We also have bubble tea recipes for you to try out at home!


These bubble tea plastic cups are also included in our fabulous Bubble Tea Party Kit for you to share bubble tea with friends!

If you need lots of Bursting Bubbles to go in your 10 Bubble Tea Cups, try one of these 6 PopaBall Selection Packs of boba for bubble tea.


10 Bubble Tea Plastic Cups

We sell easy use plastic bubble tea cups in packs of 4 and a larger pack of 10 depending on how many people you’re making bubble tea for or how much of a boba tea fan you are! These cups are made of clear plastic with a fun TeaShed logo design. They come with a plastic dome lid which allows you to insert a chunky bubble tea straw through to enjoy your boba drink with some PopaBall Bursting Bubbles in each mouthful. The bubble tea cups are simple to wash and re-use a few times , after which you can recycle them just like our paper TeaShed tea cups!

Bubble tea parties are becoming more and more popular especially with the release of our fantastic Bubble Tea Party Kit which comes complete with enough supplies and plastic bubble tea cups for up to 20 people! If you want to buy your bubble tea cups joint with bubble tea powder and boba bubbles you can add them in when you order one of our quick and easy Bubble Tea Kits. This means you’ll be good to go as soon as your bubble tea parcel is delivered as there are also telescopic chunky bubble tea straws inside each PopaBall bubble pack.


Explore our bursting bubbles and powders under the ‘Bubble Tea’ tab on our website and get some recipe ideas and inspiration from our blog as well as the PopaBall recipe page.

If you try out this recipe remember to share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


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