After a long time of planning we have finally launched our new range, PopaBall! You may recognise these jelly like balls from bubble tea.


Bubble tea has been around for a good few years now and is really growing in popularity with cafes popping up all over the world, and now you can make your own bubble tea drink at home with our popping boba and bubble tea powder for as little as £2! Traditionally an Asian drink, bubble tea consists of a drink plus the addition of something to suck up through a chunky straw.  Often this is tapioca, which is black in colour and chewy. But recently, people have been adding bursting fruity balls to their bubble teas, which is what PopaBall is. The bubbles are about 1cm in diameter and have a shell made from seaweed extract, which burst with fruitiness when you bite on them. We think they are not only great in iced teas, but also in water or in cordials, cocktails and on top of ice cream or yoghurts.



You can buy PopaBall on the TeaShed website or at www.PopaBall.co.uk. If you want to go into store to find them then you can buy them  in Fenwick Newcastle. Check out the popaball website for recipe ideas on how to use them.



Lots of love


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