PopaBall Strawberry Daiquiri with Strawberry Bubbles


Delight your friends and family this spring by adding our fruity bursting juice bubbles to your strawberry daiquiri. Everyone loves a juicy red strawberry, don’t they! I remember going strawberry picking as a child, eating a few (read LOADS) sneaky berries as I went along and then feeling a little bit sick as it came to payment time.  And how many were left by the time we got home? Not many! Well we’re still a few months off the British strawberry season, which starts on May 1st, but why not plan to get your friends together and go picking again this year at your local farm – and then use your strawberries in a slightly more grown up way, to make some delicious strawberry daiquiri Poptails!


Until then use some imported berries to perfect your daiquiri skills. The daiquiri really shows off the natural sweetness of strawberries, with fresh berries featuring, as well as strawberry schnapps and a garnish too. The PopaBall recipe builds further on the flavours by adding our strawberry bursting bubbles to the cocktail. At only 33 calories per serving the juice balls are a fun, guilt-free addition. The popping boba will make your daiquiris legendary amongst your friends – why not make it your 2016 speciality, with bursting bubbles taking pride of place!



PopaBall Strawberry Bursting Bubbles
White rum
Strawberry schnapps
Simple syrup
Fresh lime juice
Crushed Ice


1. Scoop crushed ice into the bottom of the blender
2. Add 2 parts white rum to blender
3. Add 1 parts strawberry schnapps to blender
4. Next add the strawberries to blender
5. Add 2 parts fresh lime juice to blender
6. Add 1 part simple syrup to blender
7. Shake the mixture up
8. Strain into a martini glass
9. Most importantly, add 2 tbsp strawberry bursting bubbles
10. Garnish your glass with a sliced strawberry
11. Add a chunky straw