PopaBall Blueberry Mojito with Blueberry Bubbles

popaball blueberry mojito


Classic cocktails are the perfect for revamping into Poptails with the addition of PopaBall Bursting Bubbles. Our favourite is a PopaBall Blueberry Mojito made with fresh ingredients and bursting with blueberry bubble flavour. Mojitos are great for making at home when hosting a cocktail party or having a girl’s night in. Using lots of standard kitchen cupboard ingredients you’ll be able to whip up a storm and impress your friends with some delicious blueberry bubble masterpieces!


Having a cocktail in hand can make the sun seem a little brighter and give you that well needed reminder that the weekend is never too far away. Over the past few weeks the Popaball team have been working on some fabulous new bursting bubble cocktail recipes and we cant wait to share them with you! We’ve already seen (and hopefully tasted!) Poptails for a few bursting bubble flavours including Kiwi, Lychee, Cherry and Peach so be sure to give them a try!



Blueberry Bursting Bubbles
White Rum
Mint Leaves
Lemon Juice
Brown Sugar
Fresh blueberries



1. Add 6 mint leaves, 2 tsp sugar and 2 parts lemon juice into a high ball glass
2. Then muddle these ingredients in the glass
3. Add crushed ice and 3 parts white rum, then top up with lemonade
4. Stir in 1 tbsp Popaball Blueberry Bursting Bubbles
5. Finally garnish glass with a handful of fresh blueberries and mint leaves, and serve with a chunky straw. And there you have it, a PopaBall Blueberry Mojito!


Mojitos are perfect for improving into Poptails so you could try using Strawberry or Cherry next time. Changing the fresh fruit you garnish a Poptail with and maybe adding a splash of fruity liqueur can enhance the flavour of the PopaBall juice bubbles even more. Not to mention they make your home made cocktails look divine! Browse the full Bursting Bubbles range and get experimenting! We always love to hear about your Poptail creations so share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.