Kiwi Margarita with PopaBall’s Kiwi Bursting Juice Balls




Who needs a date this valentines day when you could have a cocktail party with your girl friends? We are all about Galantine’s day and supporting our soul sisters so why not get together and try out some of our new easy cocktail recipes, adding our popping boba? Galentine’s day is becoming increasingly popular and it is all about sisterhood and girly gatherings! A perfect excuse to host or attend a cocktail party this Valentines weekend and celebrate our female friendships as well.

We love to mix our cocktails with bursting bubble juice balls for a flavoursome modern cocktail revamp. Our new Kiwi Margarita recipe brings a unique twist to your normal margarita cocktail. Adding our bursting juice bubbles is so easy and works a treat with so many classic cocktails allowing you to use your bubble tea at home in so many different ways! This delicious recipe will go down a treat and with only 33 calories per serving of our bursting bubbles you are left feeling refreshed and guilt free… although maybe a little tipsy! You don’t have to be a cocktail expert to master this simple recipe so why not give it a go?





Lime juice


Tripple Sec

1 Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Popaball




1. First rub the rim of a margarita glass with kiwi slice and dip in salt. (this looks great)

2. Next add crushed ice to a cocktail shaker

3. Now add 2 parts tequila (or maybe a little more if you are channeling your inner party girl)

4. Add 1 part triple sec

5. Add 1 part lime juice

6. Shake for 30 seconds and pour into margarita glass

7. Most importantly add 1 tbsp Kiwi Popaball Bursting Bubbles and stir

8. Add chunky straw and garnish glass with kiwi slice for a great looking cocktail.





Lots of love The *TeaShed Xx



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