IWD2016 – Inspiring Female Founders

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International Women’s Day 2016 – Inspiring Female Founders in their Twenties


To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, The Daily Wiz collated a list of 10 inspiring female founders in their twenties. Jules, is part of this list of inspiring female founders and you can read all about her *TeaShed journey below. International Women’s Day is all about celebrating females all around the world (not just female founders!) and this year International Women’s Day is taking action to accelerate gender parity. Just in case you don’t know, gender parity is a measurement that refers to the relative access to and participation in education of males and females. The aim is to make sure males and females have the same opportunities in education throughout the stages, something which is massively important on a global scale but particularly in lesser developed countries. Recognising inspirational female founders and businesswomen is important for encouraging young girls to work hard at school and get into business. There are lots of events for International Women’s Day 2016 and you can find something happening near you here on their website.


This collection of inspiring female founders is a great way to promote young girls getting into business and building up their ideas into entrepreneurial achievements. Some of the names include: Brigitte West, Founder of Beauty By The Geek; Alice Bentick, Founder of Code First: Girls; and Dimple Lalwani, Founder of Social Belly.


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Company: The *Teashed

About The *Teashed: 25-year-old Jules came up with the idea for The *Teashed during an internship. Whilst doing coffee runs and being sent to the supermarket to buy tea and coffee, she noticed that coffee took up a lot more shelf space than tea. Jules found this odd, as the majority of people at the office were tea-drinkers. She took her idea to Fenwicks, Newcastle and it all grew from there. The *TeaShed offers a large variety of tea-related  and beautifully-presented products such as Bubble Tea, which can even be used in cocktails.

About Jules: Jules also studied in Newcastle at the University of Northumbria. Although she wasn’t initially keen on the idea of going to university, she chose to study Fashion Marketing, and it was lucky that she did: it was thanks to her student overdraft that she was able to fund The *TeaShed in the early days. In Jules’ own words, her plans for the future include “World domination, one teabag at a time”.


Read about the other inspiring female founders here and you can also read Jules’ full interview with The Daily Wiz here.


Happy IWD2016!