How To Make Mango and Cherry Bubble Tea

how to make mango and cherry bubble tea

How To Make Mango and Cherry Bubble Tea

TEAm TeaShed have been busy bees making a collection of bubble tea recipe videos for you to watch. In this one Jules will show you how to make mango and cherry bubble tea using one of our bubble tea kits. Some of our bubble tea powders are even yummier if you add a splash of milk to give it a creamier texture but this mango bubble tea powder is deliciously fresh and fruity without. The cherry boba are a great partner to our refreshing mango bubble tea and they make it a perfect drink to have on a hot summer’s day. So get out the sun loungers, invite your friends round and enjoy a lovely mango and cherry bubble tea in the garden!

To carry the mango flavour even further, you could try adding blended fresh mango into your bubble tea and shaking it all together for a thicker, fruitier bubble tea! Means you can also sneak one of your 1 of your 5 a day into a yummy treat – delicious and nutritious.


Watch our video on how to make mango and cherry bubble tea below!


1 Mango and Cherry Bubble Tea Kit
Ice Cubes

How To Make Mango and Cherry Bubble Tea:

1. Using the ingredients from your mango and cherry bubble tea kit and steep 1 TeaShed teabag in a measuring jug with 150ml of hot water.
2. Pour the brewed tea into a bubble tea shaker then add a third of the mango bubble tea powder from the pack and stir to combine.
3. Measure out 100ml of cold water to add to the tea mixture or a handful of ice cubes to bring the temperature down.
4. Secure the lid of the bubble tea shaker, hold the top and shake it up!
5. Spoon in a third of a tub of PopaBall cherry boba bubbles into a bubble tea plastic cup, secure the dome lid and enjoy you bubble tea using a colourful chunky straw!


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