Herbal Healing


Herbal Healing: The TeaShed’s guide to natural remedies


At The TeaShed we think a good cuppa can solve pretty much anything… and it seems that our great great grandparents would have agreed with us. Herby knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation and these little plants can still pack a punch in the health department if you know how to use them.


In this post we’ll be giving you a quick guide to some of our favourite herbs and telling you which delicious TeaShed Tea to find them in.






Grown In: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Australia

Good For: Indigestion, skin irritation, bowel problems and stress relief

How it Works: It relaxes tummy muscles and improves the flow of bile (that’s what your body uses to digest fat) so that food moves through your stomach more quickly. It is also super cooling on itchy rashes and makes your breath smell oh so fresh.

Where to find it at The Tea Shed: Proper Mint *Tea

TeaShed Tip: Drink an iced Proper Mint Tea before going to the beach to avoid bloating and flatten your tum.






Grown In: India and Asia

Good for: Inflammation, nausea and lowering cholesterol

How it works: Inflammation is our bodies’ natural reaction to illness or pain. The idea is that the redness and swelling will prevent us moving whichever part of our body is in the process of repairing itself…clever stuff, huh? However like all of us, our body gets a little confused from time to time and forgets to un-inflame itself. Enter ginger. Its uninspiring, knobbly exterior hides powerful anti-inflammatory properties and a warming, spicy taste.

Where to find it at The Tea Shed: Baby, its cold outside *Tea (Black Tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Clove, Chai)

TeaShed Tip: Put two Baby, its cold outside *Tea bags and some freshly sliced ginger into a pan of water and boil for ten mins with the lid on. Add to your bath for the ultimate cosy night in.




Green Tea:


Grown In: Originated in China but now grows throughout Asia

Good For: fatigue, heart disease, linked with reducing the growth of tumours.

How it Works: It contains caffeine so gives you a boost but has far more nutrients than coffee. It’s also full of chemicals called polyphenols which inhibit the growth of cancer cells and blood clots.

Where to find it at The Tea Shed: Skinny *Tea (Whole Green Tea leaves)

TeaShed Tip:  After you’ve had a couple of Skinny *Tea’s, put the used tea bags in the fridge. Once cooled they make great eye masks, reducing puffiness and black circles.


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Love Imogen Xx