Healthy Munch

This is another great healthy breakfast recipe, which will keep your full and going throughout your busy morning. You can sort out the night before so in the morning you are just adding your favourite toppings and you are good to go! You can even take the jar with you to work and enjoy at lunch time.


Blueberry, Apple & Coconut Oats- Makes 2


The Base:
1 Cup x Blueberries
1 x Apple (grated)
1 x Tablespoon Chia Seeds


Place all the fruity ingredients into a bowl and simply microwave them for 1 minute. Take them out give them a quick stir up and back in for a further 1-minute. Then add in your chia seeds and again mix it all up- leaving your seeds in there to swell as the base cools.
Once cold: half the mix & layer up the base of your dishes with the fruit compote.
The Middle:
6 x Tablespoons Of Porridge Oats
2 x Tablespoons Of Flaxseeds
2 x Tablespoons Of Coconut Chips
1 x Cup Of Unsweetened Soya Milk


Again split the mix and add it to your compote bases. Pop it in the fridge and leave overnight.



The Top:
2 x Tablespoons Of Greek Yoghurt
1 x Handful Of Blueberries
1 x Handful Of Desiccated Coconut


In the morning, share your topping ingredients between the dishes decorating them as you like and enjoy alongside a cup of delicious TeaShed tea. We love a good old English Breakfast tea first thing.