Healthier Treats

Sometimes you just need a treat, something to perk you up when you’ve been having a bad day, or just something sweet from time to time. It’s tricky when you’re trying to be healthy to meet your sugar needs without falling off the wagon. I mean, trail mix can only get you so far before you’re onto the Snickers bars under the pretence of “It’s got nuts in it…”. Well, it’s time to step away from the confectionery. We’ve compiled a list of our healthier treats from our recipe blog to stop you reaching for the cake, biscuits or milkshakes.


1. Healthier Flapjacks




I know, it sounds a little contradictory having the words “healthy” and “flapjacks” next to each other. These are usually made up predominantly of syrup and sugar after all (and no matter how hard you might try, the fact that they have oats in means nothing. Believe me, I’ve used this excuse many a time). These little lovelies use fruit and nut butter as a binding agent rather than syrup and sugars to reduce the fat content. Fruit and nuts give it a nice texture, but you can mix and match all sorts of add ins to make your perfect flapjack. Recipe here


Carrot, Sweet Potato, Coconut and Chai Cake



This lovely cake is a more modern twist on the classic carrot cake and is actually full of healthy substitutions to make this an almost innocent treat. In addition to the carrots and sweet potato, you’ve got honey instead of high calorie sugar, coconut flour and ground almonds rather than flour and coconut oil instead of butter. It’s a lovely sin free treat. Recipe here.


Ginger Sweet Potato Biscuits




Sweet potato saves the day again! Due to its sweet flavour and soft consistency, sweet potatoes are becoming the new carrots in terms of incorporating vegetables into your sweets. This recipe has a little sugar and butter included but if you wanted to make it even better again you could experiment with different substitutes to makeĀ it even healthier! Recipe here.


Chai Chia Breakfast




Is sugar cereal in the morning your downfall? Or even worse, skipping breakfast altogether?! This chia breakfast is not only super easy but you can even make it the night before. All you have to do is roll out of bed and enjoy or, if you’re super busy, you could even put it in a cup to enjoy on the commute. No ore excuses and no more mid morning crash! Recipe here.


Raspberry and Green Tea Smoothie




Milkshake madness? It’s easy to be tempted by the bright colours and elaborate flavours of milkshakes. Who doesn’t want to drink a mega chocolate fudge brownie with cream in liquid form after all? Despite having milk in and therefore calcium, milkshakes are often full of sugars and fats and generally just as bad as drinking fizzy drinks. How about whipping up a healthy fruit smoothie as well? This one satisfies the sweet tooth whilst also giving you all the health benefits of green tea. Recipe here.


So now there’s no more excuses. We’ve got cakes, biscuits, flapjacks, milkshakes and breakfast covered. Less sugar, just as much yumminess. Make sure you share your photos of your healthy treats and let us know if you have any healthy alternatives!


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