Happy Spring!

happy spring

Happy Spring!
So as we approach the end of March the first calendar week of spring has come and gone – yay, happy spring! And even though I can’t say I’ve noticed a great deal of weather related improvement the sun has kindly made a few appearances. Last Sunday was the first day of spring and it just so happened that it collided with the International Day Of Happiness, how lovely! So as we ‘officially’ enter into spring I feel it’s apt to write about some spring cleaning ideas to improve your work life!


Tidy space, tidy mind

First rule of spring cleaning your work life is to, well, spring clean! Many studies claim that a tidy work space makes your mind less prone to being ‘cluttered’ and can help you maintain focus. So sort through all those odd sheets of paper, collect up that box of staples you accidentally knocked over and wash up those used tea cups until they’re sparkling! You always feel much better when your work space is satisfyingly tidy so it’s good to make a habit of this, whether it’s a regular tidy or a blitz clean. This counts for your computer too. I know I’m certainly a regular culprit for ‘the messy desktop’ but putting aside just 5 minutes a week can help you keep on top of all the stray files that clutter up the screen.


green tea



Move & shake

I know, I know, it must seem like you hear this all the time but exercise does wonders for your mind as well as your body, but it really does! If you think about it, exercise increases your heart rate and increases blood and oxygen flow to your muscles (mainly) but also to your brain. This helps your concentration and attention as your brain is functioning a little better. Exercise is really useful for improving your sleep too. Giving your body a good workout helps relieve tension and built up work related stress as well as physically tiring your muscles. If you need some tips and motivation for your workouts read our helpful blog post here.


Do some pruning

Sifting through your emails, contact list and memos to get organised is a good way to clear some clutter. Things that you’ve completed or that no longer serve you should be headed for the bin so you can focus on what’s important.


Supercharge your diet

Stop those blood sugar peaks and troughs and the mood swings that accompany them by leaning away from sugary snacks and opting for some healthier yummies. Check out our healthy snack recipes here, to find out how to make Coconut & Cacao Snowballs bursting with energy and some lovely Chai Banana Bread Muffins. If you want a pick me up in the morning, green tea contains caffeine and L-theanine which definitely beats the robotic buzz you get from coffee, providing clean energy and improving alertness. Brew some TeaShed Skinny *Tea for 3-6 minutes for a beautifully smooth taste as well as all the health perks. Also remember, hydration is key! PopaBall has some ideas to spruce up your 8 glasses of water a day.


Coconut cacao balls


Gratitude Attitude

An attitude adjustment can be a great way to spark change and drive back into your work life. Make sure you appreciate the team around you and let people know you’re grateful for their work. Not only does this keep positive affirmations circling but it improves team work and helps you achieve a tight-knit work group.


Power Dressing

Revamp your workwear and inject some stylespiration into your life. Power dressing claims to help improve confidence and work motivation. So opt for bold colours, strong lines and structured jackets to see if it gives you a boost! Also read our guest blog post from Dorothy Perkins to see what your favourite TeaShed tea says about your style.



Motivation and the ability to keep yourself inspired is going to do wonders for your productivity. If you enjoy doing something then you’re going to do it well, right? If you’re like me, a fan of a good to-do list, then it’s a good idea to write one for short term and one for long term goals. Think: things you need to get finished this week vs running themes that you want to see in your work. Take some time to evaluate your progress; reflect on your work output, targets and overall satisfaction so that you know where to direct your next objectives.


Plant Power

There has been much research into the ‘green vs lean’ topic to see if having some greenery in your office can help make staff happier and more productive. And it turns out it can! A study from the school of psychology at Cardiff University found that concentration and workplace satisfaction were higher in offices with lots of plants. (10 points to TeaShed HQ!). Read more and find out why this is, here.





Let there be light!

Working in a brighter space can keep in tune with your internal body clock and leave you feeling more awake and energised. Low light levels trigger fatigue and mean you could end up falling asleep at your desk, which is never a good sign for your productivity levels! Natural daylight contains what is referred to as ‘blue light’ and this is what makes you feel more alert. Studies researching health benefits of blue light have also shown that it has the potential to boost the immune system, lower cortisol levels (“the sleep hormone”) and increase dopamine, therefore making you happier, less anxious and less sleepy. Hello productivity! Be careful though, blue light is also emitted from computer and mobile phones so too much screen time before bed could make it trickier for you to get your beauty sleep!



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love, The TeaShed xx