Happy 4th Birthday TeaShed!!





It was 4 years ago today that TeaShed products were launched in Fenwick Newcastle. I had a little shed, which I painted with lots of patterns and I had only just managed to get the tea from Sri Lanka in time for the launch. I remember a week before hand my mum asking me where the tea was and my response was “erm its on a ship, well in a shipping container… on the sea… somewhere!”


Since that day we have shipments coming and going daily with TeaShed products being sold across the world, in countries I have never even been to. There have been many ups and downs along the way and lots of stories to tell. The time the trailer fell off into a bush, the first pallet we wrapped with cling film from the Co-op and the challenging business trips i’ve done to Sri Lanka, Taiwan and China alone.


The sleepless nights worrying and the sleepless nights driving across the country in the Transit. We have lost money and made money. The past four years have been so so so much hard work and I am so grateful to still be in business today. I am also very proud to be a woman in business and I hope that girls and women who see the TeaShed feel inspired to start their own business or follow their dreams and always always believe in themselves.


To sum the past for years up, having your own business is like having a baby, you have a lot of sleepless nights, you have no time for yourself and you have a lot of sh!t to deal with, but it is without a doubt one of the most amazing things you will ever do.


Lots and lots of love,


Jules & the ever growing TeaShed TEAm Xx