Halloween Bubble Tea


With Halloween fast approaching we’re getting into the full swing of all things ‘spooktea’. If you’re having a party to celebrate this frightful night we’ve been brainstorming some awesome ideas you can use for drinks! Our favourite Halloween drink creation is this deliciously ghoulish honeydew bubble tea. It’s a brilliant green colour and goes perfectly PopaBall bursting bubbles. The clashing colour of strawberry or blueberry flavour add a surprising Halloween twist.



Honeydew bubble tea powder
PopaBall bursting bubbles


To make 1 drink:

1) Make a cup of tea using the tea provided. Allow it to brew for 3 minutes. Then cool with ice until lukewarm.

3) Add half of the honey melon powder to a shaker then add 150ml of lukewarm tea (or water) and mix to dissolve into a paste.

3) Add 150ml of ice cold water and a handful of ice (and a splash of milk if you like)

4) Shake it shake it shake it!

5) Pour into a glass and add your bubbles. Simple and delicious!



You can buy Honeydew Melon bubble tea powder from our website www.popaball.co.uk/collections/bubbleteapowders or choose from 7 other flavours including PiƱa Colada, Rose, Papaya and Matcha Green Tea! Our bubble teas come in a variety of brilliant colours and each pack contains 2 delicious servings. Don’t forget to add some bursting bubbles! Unleash your inner mad scientist and experiment with flavours or mix up the colours for an extra Halloweeny flare!


Happy Halloween from TEAm TeaShed!!