Coconut Water & PopaBall Kiwi Bubbles

Coconut water is a product which has recently became quite the health craze so we have delved into the literature to find out what all the hype is about!


Coconut water is harvested from young, green coconuts which are about 6 months old. The coconut water is what will be replaced by coconut “flesh” once the coconut matures. It contains many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that our bodies need to function at an optimum level and as a high electrolyte drink it is good for keeping you hydrated. The main nutrient coconut water contains is potassium, but there are also small amounts of sodium, calcium and magnesium. This makes it good for maintaining electrolyte balance which in turn is critical for controlling blood volume, heart health and preventing dehydration. Good news all round! Some other claimed health benefits include:


– Lowering blood pressure
– Weight loss
– Lowering cholesterol
– Improving athletic performance
– Helping to relax muscle tension
– Cleansing and detoxifying



If you’re looking for ideas of how to enjoy coconut water you should check out this PopaBall recipe using Kiwi Bursting Bubbles.

It’s a lovely refreshing drink which you could have as a non-alcoholic option at your own cocktail party as it’s made in a cocktail shaker and has lots of room for decorative embellishments, most importantly Kiwi Bursting Bubbles! This recipe uses Chi Coconut Water which prides itself on raw, hydrating coconut water that’ gets from coconut to bottle in just 24 hours – definitely good enough for us. Spruced up with PopaBall juice balls, the tropical and citrus flavours are certainly a treat for your taste buds!



Ingredients for 1 serving:


Tropical Fruit Juice
Coconut Water
Orange Juice
Runny honey (optional)
Kiwi Bursting Bubbles
Lemon Juice
Ice cubes



1. Add 3 parts tropical juice, 2 parts coconut water, and a dash of orangeĀ juice in a cocktail shaker or drinks bottleĀ filled with ice and shake it up!

2. Depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have, you may want to add a teaspoon of runny honey in here.

4. Scoop some ice cubes into a glass along with Kiwi Bubbles and slices of lime. Pour in the tropical coconut water and finish with an extra squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy using a chunky straw.



You can get Kiwi Bursting Bubbles from PopaBall website or under the ‘Bubble Tea‘ tab on the TeaShed website.


Love TEAm TeaShed xx