Candy Floss Bubble Tea Toppers

Strawberry Candy Floss

Candy Floss Bubble Tea Toppers

Candy Floss Bubble Tea Toppers are available in vanilla and strawberry flavour in handy re-useable tubs. They contain enough candy floss to generously top 3 bubble tea drinks, this means they are an ideal addition to your bubble tea kit order with 3 servings. Rose and lychee bubble tea was our first choice to be crowned by strawberry candy floss along with a dash of Love Heart Sprinkles to make the boba tea super duper adorable!

A cloud of vanilla candy floss is a perfect pair to many bubble tea flavours, above we have used this candy floss bubble tea topper with a fruity mango and cherry bubble tea. Experiment to find your favourite flavour combination and then share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Vanilla Candy Floss


Using watermelon bubble tea powder, blueberry boba and strawberry candy floss toppers you can create a fun and tasty pudding – bubble tea jelly! Blueberry and watermelon are a fruity combo I enjoy just as a fresh snack so they work really well in our bubble tea jelly dessert. Get your hands on some edible eyes  as well to make it extra fun.

candy floss bubble tea toppers


For an extra special Friday night treat you could add a poof of candy floss on top on your glass of bubbly, add a dash of sprinkles and of course, some Bubbles for Prosecco. De-lish! Demonstrated beautifully on the PopaBall Instagram, this lovely bubbly treat is not only a delight to your tastebuds but looks AMAZING as a cocktail party centre piece.




Love The TeaShed Xx