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Make bubble tea at home with our bubble tea kits!

As you may know, we have a sister site PopaBall, where you can buy bubble tea online including bubble tea kits, bubble tea bubbles (popping boba) and bubble tea powders so you can make bubble tea at home!

Bubble tea is traditionally made with a fruity powder, milky tea and tapioca pearls. More recently, bubble tea cafes have started using the bursting juice bubbles, which is what we sell in lots of different flavours.

If you want to make your own bubble tea at home then simply buy one of our bubble tea kits, choosing which powder flavour and which bubble flavour you would like. Then at home, simply mix up the powder and TeaShed tea provided adding a little milk if desired, drop in your bubbles and voila! We also have a YouTube video on how the kit works.

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If you are not a huge fan of the bubble tea drinks themselves but still love the bursting juice bubbles, then how about adding them to your favourite cold drinks at home? We love them in cordials, cocktails, prosecco, milkshakes and more! There are more recipe ideas here. 

We love a simple elderflower cordial with lychee and blueberry bubbles, sometimes with a little splash of gin. For kids, simply drop the bubbles into their Robinsons Fruit Squash or into milkshakes. The bubbles are also great as ice cream and dessert toppings. Try them on top of cheesecake, on jelly… yum!

The bubbles are great if you are having a party, for both kids and grown ups! We have selection packs available at a discounted price and you can choose which bubbles you would like to be included. We have flavours such as passion fruit, strawberry, cherry, lychee, kiwi, apple, peach and blueberry. Our bestsellers are passion fruit and strawberry, which go great in most fruity drinks. We have also been experimenting with cherry bubbles in coca cola and they are divine!

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