Bubble Tea Kit Online!

bubble tea

You can now buy your bubble tea kit online with all the bubble tea supplies you will need to make your very own bubble tea at home!

Each kit contains genuine bubble tea powder from Taiwan, our quality TeaShed teas, chunky straws and of course popping boba! So if you are looking for DIY Bubble tea kit, look no further!

Simply mix up your bubble tea powder with some warm tea, add a dash of milk (if you like), a handful of ice cubes and then shake it all together in a shaker or you could use a bottle. Pour into your glass and drop in a spoonful of bursting bubbles. We like to decorate ours with whipped cream and sprinkles, or you could try pouring syrup down the side of your glass for a cool effect before you pour in your bubble tea.

Buy buying your bubble tea kit online, you can make 3 servings for only £6.49! Which means it is only just over £2.00 per drink!

You can also add the boba into water, cordials and fruit squash. We have 9 different flavours of popping boba for you to choose from which can all be found on our website. Our bubbles are also available to buy in store at Lakeland, Selfridges and Fenwick stores.

Don’t forget to check out our recipe ideas and send us your drink creations via social media!


Bubble Tea party kit