Bubble Tea Cheesecake: Pina Colada & Passion Fruit

bubble tea cheesecake

Pina Colada Bubble Tea Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Bursting Bubbles


“A bubble tea cheesecake? How??”, I hear you say. Well, The TeaShed has been getting creative with our bubble tea kits and experimenting with some funky new recipes for you to try this summer. What better dessert to compliment a fruity bubble tea burst than a rich, creamy cheesecake? It’s not too tricky to make and considering the stunning results you get. So swap a Pina Colada cocktail for this bubble tea cheesecake, the beach for a sunny garden party and give this recipe a try!

bubble tea cheesecake


The TEAm decided Passion Fruit Bursting Bubbles and Pina Colada Bubble Tea Powder were our favourite pair for this mocktail cheesecake. Of course, this recipe would work great with a variety of flavours so take a look at our range of Bubble Tea Kits to choose your own. We did play with the idea of using Coconut Bubble Tea Powder, Cherry Bursting Bubbles and a cheeky chocolate glaze, but that’s something we’ll have to save for another time…

bubble tea cheesecake


Taking mocktails one step further with a mocktail cheesecake? You may be sceptical but we have been well and truly won over by this boba tea dessert! The refreshing coconut and pineapple flavours brought by our Pina Colada Bubble Tea Powder will have you reminiscing over your jolly hollies, and maybe even tempt you to book another! Passion Fruit bubbles, also known as popping boba, get their name from the way they burst in your mouth with juice when you bite them. Originally, (but definitely not exclusively!) used in milk bubble tea, they are a fruity alternative to chewy tapioca pearls. We love them scattered throughout this creamy cheesecake, as you get surprise bursts of passion fruit juice with every mouthful.

bubble tea cheesecake


So if you like Pina Colada (and getting caught it the rain) you’ll definitely have a soft spot for this bubble tea cheesecake, but also check out this Pina Colada Poptail – a cocktail with a popping boba twist!


How to make a Pina Colada Bubble Tea Cheesecake


100g unsalted butter
225g digestive biscuits
1 serving (40g) Pina Colada Bubble Tea Powder
40g caster sugar
100g cream cheese
3 tbsp vanilla extract
100g creme fraiche
1 pot of Passion Fruit PopaBall Bursting Bubbles
3 tbsp passion fruit curd
1 fresh passion fruit



1. Whilst melting the butter over a low heat, put the digestives into a freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin until a variety of crumb sizes is left

2. Stir the butter and crushed biscuits together, then press this mixture into a lined cake tin to form the base. Chill in the fridge for 30 mins

3. Next, beat the cream cheese, sugar, Pina Colada bubble tea powder and vanilla extra together in a mixing bowl

4. Gradually fold in the creme fraiche and half the tub of drained Passion Fruit bubbles until the mixture is thick and the boba are evenly distributed

5. Spoon the creamy filling onto the chilled biscuit base and smooth over. Add the rest of the Passion Fruit bursting bubbles for a yummy topping

6. Leave to set in the fridge for 2-3 hours before serving. To garnish, I gently heated some passion fruit curd until slightly runny and mixed it with the remaining boba and pulp from a fresh passion fruit. Alternatively you could decorate the bubble tea cheesecake with maraschino cherries and a cocktail umbrella for a fun twist!


bubble tea cheesecake


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Love, The TeaShed Xx