About us

The TeaShed is an independent UK based tea and bubble tea company.

A little bit about us…
I launched The TeaShed in May 2011 just as I was finishing my degree in Fashion Marketing at Northumbria University. I came up with the idea whilst on a rubbish work placement where I was made to make lots of cups of tea for the office (as you do when you are an intern!). One lunch time they sent me to Sainsbury’s to buy some more tea and I noticed how much more of a selection there was for coffee as opposed to tea, which I thought was strange as everyone in the office drank tea and lots of it. Now 5 years on and now the market is really quite full with different brands and blends of tea!


In 2014 we launched PopaBall, a range of bursting juice bubbles (also known as popping boba), which are commonly added to milk bubble tea instead of tapioca. We have some fab bubble tea kits for you to use at home, however you can also add these bubbly pearls to cordials, cocktails and most importantly… prosecco!

About our Products…




We personally source our tea from Sri Lanka, choosing the tastiest whole leaf teas and lovingly wrapping them in silky pyramid teabags for you to enjoy. We trade fairly and never push our suppliers down on price.


We design our own unique packaging, which is printed locally and packed by our fantastic team here in Newcastle.


Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is traditionally an iced tea with milk and a fruity syrup or powder. Into this you add little pearls, which are traditionally chewy tapioca but more recently people love to add fruity popping boba instead. You then suck these bursting juice bubbles up through a chunky straw and upon biting they burst in your mouth with juicyness! We sell bubble tea kits so that you can make your own authentic bubble tea at home! Check out our recipes as to what else you can do with these boba and bubble tea powders.


We try our hardest to always bring you new exciting products and to make you smile.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of the TEAm.


Lots and lots of love


Jules Xx

Chief Tea Lady